Music Library

CFU Music Library

CFU Music Library

The CFU Home Office houses one of the largest collections of Croatian music outside of Croatia. Containing thousands of compositions and musical scores, the CFU Music Library is an open and available resource to CFU members. Each musical piece has been cataloged for easy and available access. Musical selections range from full compositions of traditional folk tunes to hymnal and religious pieces. For a minimal donation of $2, which goes toward the CFU Scholarship Fund, Inc., members may obtain a hard-copy of a musical score. The CFU Music Library is often used by our many CFU adult and junior ensemble directors. For more information on obtaining a catalog or a specific musical score, or to facilitate a donation of music to the library, please contact the Home Office at 412.843.0380.


Ilija – Barabe

Šokački Musical – Dario Barišić

Suncokret – Patria