Lodge/Nest Activities

Through its Lodge/Nest organization in the United States, Canada, and Croatia, the CFU continues to support fraternalism amongst members. Once membership with the CFU is established, a Lodge/Nest affiliation is given. Lodges/Nests serve as the channel with the most direct interaction with members. CFU encourages all members to become involved and attend meetings as well as participate in the fraternal activities sponsored by the local Lodge/Nest.

A number of CFU Lodges/Nests maintain their own Croatian Homes to serve as a central meeting place for their members and friends. Many of the events held by the Lodges/Nest take place in these Croatian Homes and foster a feeling of community and fraternalism.

Lodge/Nest activities include picnics, holiday parties, celebratory saint days, banquets, and dances. In some instances, numerous local lodges combine their efforts to hold regional events where fraternalism is shared amongst all.