Franjo Bertovic

Franjo Bertovic
National Vice President/ Member Services

Born in Desmerice (Zagorje), Ogulin, Croatia, National Vice President Bertovic attended the School of Economics in Ogulin. He is a graduate of ‘Visa prometna skola’ of Zagreb, Croatia. In 1975 National Vice President Bertovic immigrated to Canada and began working for Singer Controls. After a year of service, he was hired by Ford Motor Company and completed 30+ years of employment where he served various positions including Auditor.

Fraternal involvement for National Vice President Bertovic began in 1990. After attending a traditional St. George day celebration hosted by Lodge 354, Cokeburg, PA, Brother Bertovic was inspired to organize and establish a lodge in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. On August 20, 1990, Lodge 530 and Nest 530 were established. Today, CFU Lodge 530 has nearly 800 members and is the largest in Canada. Since that time, Brother Bertovic has helped to organize CFU Lodge 2001 – Ogulin; Lodge 2002 – Osijek; Lodge 2004 – Koprivnica; Lodge 2005 – Rijeka; Lodge 2006 – Split; Lodge 2007 – Zupanja; Lodge 2009 – Krapina; Lodge 2015 – Nashville, TN; Lodge 531 – Simcoe, ON, Lodge 401 – Vancouver, WA and Lodge 2019 – Deerfield Beach, FL.

National Vice President Bertovic was elected to the CFU Executive Board at the 23rd Quadrennial Convention that was held in September 2011. Previous offices and positions that he served include: President of the CFU High Trial Board, Member of the CFU Board of Trustees, President and Recording Secretary of the Ontario Federation of CFU Lodges, President of CFU Lodge 530 St. Thomas, ON, and elected delegate to the CFU Quadrennial Conventions. He has been awarded for his outstanding dedication and commitment to increasing the ranks of the CFU including the title of “Million Dollar Producer” for his recruitment activity.

In addition to holding numerous positions, Brother Bertovic played a key role in the establishment of the CFU Lodge 530 Scholarship Fund and the Ontario Federation of CFU Lodges Scholarship Fund. His fraternal involvement sparked the organization of the Folklore Ensemble Croatian Roots in which he was an Officer and participant as well as the organization of the CFU Ogulin bowling team in Elgin County. He is a frequent contributor of articles for “Kolisce,”, website “Moja Hrvatska” – Večernji List, website “Glas Hrvatske” – HRT and magazin “Matica” HMI. In 2008, National Vice President Bertovic was honored with the Culture Award from the city of Ogulin, Croatia.

National Vice President Bertovic was recognized as Man of the Year by the Ontario Federation of CFU Lodges and has initiated many humanitarian fundraising causes including: help to the Red Cross of Ogulin; the Dora Foundation in Zagreb; Hospitals in Ogulin and Rijeka; St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital; and Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Montreal.

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