Meet Our Staff

The CFU National Administration is supported by a dedicated administrative and clerical staff that works to meet the needs of our lodges and individual members. The CFU staff is on hand at the Home Office during regular operating hours and always available to answer questions and respond to requests of members and prospective members.

Executive Board

Edward W. Pazo
National President

Bernadette M. Luketich-Sikaras
National Secretary/Treasurer

Franjo Bertovic
Executive Vice President

Accounting Department

John Zupancic, CFP

Jeff Wolstoncroft
Assistant Controller

Dario Sako

Editorial Department

Ivan Begg

Lorraine Turkall

Computer Systems

Douglas Fry

Frank Bozicevic
IT Project Manager

Sales Department

Catherine Brnich
Sales Coordinator

Fraternal Programs

Derek Hohn
Director of Fraternal Programs

Office of the President

Lorraine Turkall
Executive Assistant

Office of the National Secretary/Treasurer

Darja Maros
Executive Assistant

Aleica Warhold
Accounts Payable Clerk

Darlene Cravener
Claims Supervisor

Cheryl Quear
General Clerk

Bryann Begg
Claims Processor

Hilda Obadic
Claims Processor

Lauren Ricci
Claims Processor

Member Services Department

Megan Barisic
Underwriter/Member Services

Sanja Banovic
Member Services Processor


Jerry Donaldson

Mark Hile

Office Services

Mary Ann Gajdos

Ronnen Bertovic
Mail Clerk