Since its inception in 1958, the CFU Scholarship Foundation, Inc., has awarded 10,500 scholarship grants totaling the grand sum of $6,000,000. For the 2020/2021 school year over $200,000 in scholarship grants was awarded to over 200 deserving students interested in obtaining higher educations.

The Scholarship Foundation operates a General Fund and also maintains a special endowment fund program which is a self-perpetuating fund. In recent years the Scholarship Foundation has provided for the establishment of 105 major Endowment Fund Awards.

The General Fund is funded by generous, voluntary donations from our members, lodges and related organizations. Together, the General Fund and the Special Endowment Funds enable the CFU Scholarship Foundation to award nearly 250 annual scholarship grants in excess of $200,000 per year. Each individual scholarship ranges in value from $300 to $1,500.

On behalf of the CFU National Board and the CFU Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors, we extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to our CFU members and lodges who so generously support this educational program to assist our CFU youth who seek undergraduate degrees at institutions of higher learning.

Click here for rules that will determine your qualification in applying for the CFU Scholarship Foundation Grant


To request a Scholarship Application, please confirm your qualifications (above Rules download), and contact us at Please state the following for the Insured Student as well as BOTH Parents: Certificate Number, Name, Lodge Affiliation, Address and Birthday.

Should you  be interested in learning how to establish an individual endowment fund, please contact the CFU Scholarship Foundation Executive Secretary/Treasurer at 100 Delaney Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15235.


President Edward W. Pazo
Executive Secretary/Treasurer Bernadette M. Luketich-Sikaras
Director Franjo Bertovic
Director Dr. Marion Vujevich
Director Robert Luketic
Director Paul J. Lucas
Director Derek Hohn
Director Michael Ricci


  1. General Fund
  2. Peter Obad Endowment Fund
  3. John Drazick Endowment Fund
  4. Charles Koval Endowment Fund
  5. Croatian American Home of Los Angeles Fund
  6. CFU 100th Anniversary Fund
  7. William Blazevich Fund
  8. St. Nicholas Lodge 47 Anna Rescic Endowment Fund
  9. New York City Seamen’s Club Fund
  10. John D. Kosovec & Teresa Gazboda Kosovec Fund
  11. “Bratska Sloga” CFU Lodge 566 of Masontown, PA Fund
  12. John P. Plesh Fund
  13. Emil Hanzevack Family Scholarship Endowment Fund
  14. “Croatian Sons” CFU Lodge 170 Scholarship Endowment Fund
  15. Lodge Fund
  16. “St. Joseph” CFU Lodge 43, Braddock, PA Fund
  17. “St. Rochus” CFU Lodge 5, Johnstown, PA Fund
  18. George P. Radosevich Rodwick Endowment Fund, Merrillville, IN
  19. “St. Joseph” CFU Lodge 192, Painesdale, MI Fund
  20. Ann Pollitt Fund – Kenneth H. Pollitt & Frances Ann Miller Memorial Fund
  21. “Progress” CFU Lodge 202, Chicago, IL Fund
  22. “Holy Family” CFU Lodge 305, Gloversville, NY – Frank Stefic, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Grant
  23. “St. Mary’s” CFU Lodge 26, Gunnison, CO – In Memory of Officers & Members of CFU Lodge 26
  24. Vlado Govic Scholarship Endowment Fund
  25. “Sveto Trojstvo” CFU Lodge 146, Versailles, PA Fund
  26. CFU Lodge 720, Ahmeek, MI Fund
  27. CFU Lodge 42, Wilmerding, PA Fund
  28. Louise & Joseph M. Brigich Fund
  29. Louis Z. Marohnic, Esq. Scholarship Fund
  30. Stephen L. Zegura Scholarship Endowment Fund
  31. Damian Family Fund
  32. Monessen Croatian Social & Educational Society Sloga Fund
  33. “St. Mary’s” CFU Lodge 75, Waukegan, IL Fund
  34. Martha & Bernard M. Luketich CFU National President’s Scholarship Grant
  35. Mr. & Mrs. Franjo Vicevich Memorial Music Endowment Fund
  36. William Laurence Cumpanas Fund
  37. CFU Lodge 548, Slovan, PA Fund
  38. CFU Lodge 72, Uniontown, PA Fund
  39. CFU Lodge 205, Adah, PA Fund
  40. Helen & Ronald Wood – In Memory of Katherine & Ignac (Bilicic) Billick Fund
  41. “Hrvatska Vila” CFU Lodge 141, East Pittsburgh, PA Fund
  42. “Croatian Sons” CFU Lodge 15, Chicago, IL Fund
  43. “Harborites” CFU Lodge 856, East Chicago, IN Fund
  44. Danica & Anton Kasunic of Cleveland, OH Fund
  45. Robert C. Antich, Merrillville, IN Fund
  46. “Sts. Peter & Paul” CFU Lodge 506/Nest 194, Titusville, PA Fund
  47. Julie Dixon Scholarship Fund, San Diego, CA
  48. John G. Luksich Scholarship Fund, Midland, PA
  49. “Vanguards” CFU Lodge 261 of Milwaukee, WI Fund
  50. Thomas Radulovic, Los Angeles, CA Scholarship Fund
  51. Mary M. Campbell Scholarship Fund – In Memory of Parents, Peter & Mary Pavlinac
  52. “Ogulin” CFU Lodge 530, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada Fund
  53. Matthew Mavretich Fund – In Memory of Parents, Matija & Barbara Muzar Mavretic of Steelton, PA
  54. Joseph & Josephine Angelos Family of Waukegan, IL Fund
  55. Bezich Fund
  56. Richard & Katherine Jordan Family Fund
  57. “St. Vidas” CFU Lodge 80 of Smoke Run, PA Fund
  58. American-Croatian Waukegan Tamburitzans CFU Scholarship Fund
  59. “St. Ann” CFU Lodge 29, Pittsburgh, PA
  60. American Hrvatska CFU Lodge 89, Butte, MT
  61. “Svi Slaveni” CFU Lodge 388 of Midvale, UT
  62. Merle Fund
  63. Edward J. Verlich Fund
  64. Jennifer Elizabeth Lucas Family Memorial Scholarship Fund, Marquette, MI
  65. “Gospa Rozaria” CFU Lodge 374, Rock Springs, WY
  66. “Sloga Rudara” CFU Lodge 306 Rock Springs, WY
  67. Ontario Federation of CFU Lodges
  68. United CFU Lodges of Fayette, Greene, Westmoreland and Washington Counties
  69. “Zrinski i Frankopan” CFU Lodge 403
  70. John H. & Frances M. Rogan Family Scholarship Fund, Youngstown, OH
  71. “Sv. Kriz” CFU Lodge 523 and Nest 248, Moundsville, WV
  72. John J. & Sarah Javor Family Endowment
  73. Eva Kovacich Scholarship Endowment
  74. The Steven J. Pavlic Scholarship Award
  75. Zora CFU Lodge 345 Scholarship Endowment
  76. Mary and Pepa Sostarich Scholarship Fund
  77. Nikola Spoljar Scholarship Fund
  78. “Ban Jelacic” Lodge 2 and “Croatian Mountaineers” Lodge 745 Scholarship Fund
  79. Mary E. Roper Fund
  80. “St. Vid” CFU Lodge 307 West Brownsville Pennsylvania Fund
  81. Mary Krilich Joyce Fund
  82. Zumberak Lodge 859 James & Goldie Malone Endowment Fund
  83. Charlotte Muzar Endowment Fund
  84. Joseph Rukavina Family Scholarship Fund
  85. Milan J. & Mark S. Pavlovich Memorial Scholarship Fund
  86. Mrkonic Family Fund
  87. Heritage Benevolent and Pleasure Club
  88. Louise Bert Scholarship Endowment Fund
  89. Jeannette Mance Sharpe Fund (In Memory of Parents John & Cecilia Mance)
  90. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent & Helen Maljevac Fund
  91. Ignac & Lucille Stiglich Scholarship Fund
  92. Joseph M. Ivcevich Family Endowment
  93. George and Barbara Baine Fund
  94. Frank and Helen Perpich Scholarship Fund
  95. Goldie Zrna Scholarship Fund
  96. Renee L. Ples Memorial Scholarship Fund
  97. Abraham Lincoln Lodge 85, Rochester, PA Scholarship Fund
  98. Klaric Family Scholarship Endowment Fund
  99. Lodge 64, Des Moines, Iowa Scholarship Fund
  100. Elizabeth Salinger Scholarship Fund
  101. Croatian Club Dobrotvor Scholarship Fund
  102. Polding Scholarship Fund
  103. Jozo Bajurin Scholarship Fund
  104. “Sveti Nikola Brodar” CFU Lodge 432 Scholarship Fund
  105. Frank Perkovich Scholarship Fund
  106. “Sloboda” Lodge 32 Frank M. Jerbich Scholarship Fund
  107. Ugran Scholarship Fund